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Bike Finder

There are many different styles and types of bikes available. Giant has a nice online tool that helps narrow down the choices based on your riding preferences and style.
Check out the Bike Finder.

Giant bicycles

We carry the full line of Giant bicycles, from kids' bikes to easy-riding bikes to bikes used in the Tour de France. We encourage you to check out the Giant USA website. Then stop in and test-ride one of these great bikes!

Top reasons to commute by bike

Bicyclist -  Youngstown, Ohio
10. Premium free parking
Feeding parking meters is a thing of the past. No matter where you go, you’ll get to ride right up to the front door! Not to mention that you won’t be getting any parking tickets!
9. Never get stuck in traffic again
Just ride around traffic jams … or avoid them altogether. Most of the time the shortest distance to your destination will actually be on side roads which by definition have less traffic.
8. Enjoy your surroundings
On a bicycle, you’ll hear the birds chirping in the spring, smell the fresh cut grass in the summer and feel the long rays of the sun warm your back on crisp autumn days. Car drivers exist in a climate-controlled bubble completely disconnected from nature.
7. A sense of community
It won’t take long before you recognize folks who are sharing the road with you every day. You’ll pass joggers, dog walkers, school-crossing guards and other cyclists. There is always a smile and a friendly wave to be shared.
6. Cancel your gym membership
Pedaling to where you need to get to is a great workout! Why pay money to exercise?
5. Save time
I have a half-hour commute by car to get to work. This means I sit doing nothing productive for one hour each day. Commuting by bike eliminates this wasted time. It allows you to accomplish two goals at once (arrival and exercise). In my case, my total commute is 2 hours by bike. I get a 2-hour bike ride but it only “costs” me 1 extra hour out of my day!
4. Save money
Most cars cost between $0.43 and $0.56 per mile to drive with 4×4 SUVs over $0.73 per mile. You might be skeptical until you add up depreciation, fixing the car, fuel costs, insurance, and general maintenance. If you commute by bike 6 months a year, it is not uncommon to save $1000 in fuel costs alone! Take a moment and add it up!
3. Find free useful stuff along the road
I once found an entire set of metric wrenches strewn along about a quarter-mile of roadway. Probably some motorcycle toolkit. Money, bolts, a perfectly good life vest, sunglasses, all found!
2. You will feel great
When you are in shape, you feel great. Body fat, like blood pressure and cholesterol problems, will melt away. You may start your rides filled with stress after a hard day, but after the first couple of miles, you will wonder why you were even bothered. When you arrive at your destination, you’ll be relaxed as your brain pumps out those feel-good endorphins. At night, you’ll sleep like a baby and wake up refreshed.
1. Eat whatever you want, whenever
When you are riding 10 hours a week at a reasonable intensity, you pretty much get a license to eat whatever you want whenever you want. The funny thing is that you’ll likely want to eat healthy, balanced meals since you’ll actually begin to notice you ride faster that way! But you certainly won’t feel guilty about midnight raids on the ice cream freezer!

Bike rides

Looking for a ride this weekend? Try the Ohio Bicycle Events Calendar. Or do it on your own and take a look at the local bike paths Ohio Bikeways.
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